Air Caster Capacities Upgraded; Warranty Doubled

AeroGo, Inc. announced increased load capacity and doubled the warranty period for its manufactured urethane and neoprene air casters. The upgrade was the result of repeated in-factory destructive and non-destructive testing, coupled with customer input and field testing after improvements were made in materials and construction methods. “We work to continuously improve air caster function,” stated Rick Ruelle, Director of Quality Assurance and R&D “Our load capacity has always included a very conservative safety factor. Even with the conservative safety factor the casters have proven their durability and capacity after testing.”

The sum of the field tests prompted capacity upgrades across the air caster product line. Per AeroGo President John Massenburg, “When you repeatedly work to improve your products over more than 40 years, you get great data. We can very confidently increase the capacity ratings on all of our air casters, and double our caster warranty from one year to two years. It’s a very good value for the customer.”

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