Modular Building – Construction Today article

Manufacturers of modular structures can use air technology for increased flexibility and profit.  Read about it in the Construction Today article by Paul Jakse, VP Sales. View the article » View the PDF »

How Air Caster Tech Can Address Trends Challenges in Modular Home Building

Modular homes and structures have realized benefits by adding air caster technology to their manufacturing processes.  Read the entire article, written by our own Paul Jakse, as featured in BuiltWorlds magazine.

Manufacturers Turn to Air Cushion Vehicles

This Industry Today article highlights process efficiency, flexibility, cost-efficiency and safety realized by companies who have added Air Cushion Vehicles to their manufacturing processes.

Locomotive Engine Remanufacturing With Air Cushion Vehicles

Industry Week article features the GE remanufacturing facility in Grove City, PA.  AeroGo is part of their Industrial Internet of Things.   The photo features a locomotive engine on a skid which is moved by an AeroGo air cushion vehicle during the remanufacturing process. .

Modular Home Manufacturing is Growing to Meet Critical Shortage – Article by San Francisco Chronicle

Manufacturing modular homes is a growing business, and it is made easier with AeroGo air casters.  See the full article here.

Air Bearings Move Spacecraft at Virgin Galactic

AeroGo engineered and manufactured the unique tool used at Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceline operations, shown at the :33 mark in this video. 

Can you move 1,350 lbs. by yourself? We’ll show you how at booth #1755 at WESTEC

Visit us in Los Angeles at the WESTEC show and you can personally experience the thrill of pushing a heavy load on air. It’s amazing, it’s fast, and it is really safe.  Come by and see us at booth 1755.

Portable Rigging Kit in Cutting Tool Engineering

AeroGo offers a portable rigging kit to move machinery and equipment up to 34,000 lbs.  See more about it here.

General Fusion Plasma Injector

General Fusion is changing the world!  Here is an excellent video from Instagram showing General Fusion moving a large plasma injector around the lab using air lifting equipment. There is a close-up of their work on the flux conserver featuring the AeroGo Air Caster Rigging System here.  

Rollers, Furnaces, Drums…oh my!

The flexibility of the Air Caster Rigging System so impressed HDCC they made a video. See for yourself how they move rollers, furnaces, drums, boosters and other components. Watch the video.

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