AeroGo air cushion vehicles are integral to the new First Mode factory

The transfer cart vehicles contribute to their workflow automation. The company manufactures zero-emission products for heavy duty applications in mining and rail.

How to Select the Right Load Movement System – Podcast Now Available

AeroGo launched a new seven-episode podcast called ‘Select the Right Load Movement System.’ The podcast addresses critical questions to consider when determining the best method to move heavy objects in industrial settings. Each episode covers a specific question used to narrow down the choices available to the listener’s situation. Potential solutions may include crane, conveyor, […]

Consultative Problem-Solving: When Engineers Are in Charge of the Sales Process

When an organization has a tough material handling challenge, they don’t need salespeople. They need solutions. Whether it’s NASA moving satellites, the Penn Museum of Archaeology moving a priceless sphinx, RISE Modular moving prebuilt homes, or any number of other applications, what they all share in common is a need to find the material handling […]

Getting NASA’s Artemis Off the Ground Started by Floating Its Space Vehicles on Air

Fifty years ago, the final Apollo space mission departed the moon’s surface. With it, it carried away the last two humans to ever set foot on the lunar surface, Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. Now, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working hard to bring humanity back to the moon through its […]

Lab Manager magazine published Devin Chandler’s article “Conquering Equipment Moving Challenges in Lab Facilities”

Moving equipment, machinery, and materials through a lab environment can be challenging. A New Mexico multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, which conducts renewable energy, space exploration, and nanotechnology research, struggled to find a safe way to maneuver newly delivered equipment of various sizes into a cleanroom through multiple chokepoints. Read the entire paper here […]

Choosing the right material handling system #7: What safety factors do you need to consider?

By this point in this series, readers have probably already taken many material handling systems off the table as serious options. For example, if the load is light and travels only short distances between stations, you may have already eliminated the options that would be overkill, like cranes or even forklifts. But there’s one more […]

Taber Extrusions customer spotlight on AeroGo

Over the years, AeroGo has transformed into a problem solving company by supplying customers with latest technology for any load moving challenges. In order to stay current with the latest fabrication and machining technology, AeroGo implements continuous development to integrate the latest technology into moving and assembling the heaviest and most cumbersome loads. Your moving […]

Choosing the right material handling system #6: What training and certifications are required?

What material handling system is right for your situation and application? That’s often a prohibitively difficult question to answer. To make it easier, we’re breaking that big question down into a series of step-by-step questions that will lead directly to the best choice. First, how much does the load weigh? Second, how maneuverable and flexible […]

Choosing the right material handling system #5: How to make the load “loadable”?

Selecting a material handling system can be overwhelming. In this series, we walk through the decision process one question at a time. First, we asked how much the load weighs. Second, we looked at maneuverability and flexibility requirements. Third, we considered move frequency and distance. Fourth, we talked about cost considerations. Now, we’re assessing how […]

Choosing the right material handling system #4: How much will it cost?

It’s not easy to select the right material handling option for manufacturing and industrial operations. Forklifts, cranes, rails, transfer carts, wheeled casters, air casters, and more – the array of choices can be overwhelming. In this series, we’re breaking down the decision into a series of straightforward, step-by-step questions. Read the entire paper here »