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How to easily move machine tools and ramp up efficiency using air casters

Most machine shops end up with a production layout that’s enormously inefficient. That’s because machine tools can be prohibitively difficult to move. As a result, many just end up living wherever they’re initially placed, so the production process works around them. In other words, they become “monuments” in lean manufacturing terms. That means the production […]

A Quick Look at How Air Casters Excel in Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms present unique challenges for moving heavy equipment. To start, all the normal issues associated with material handling apply: how do you move very heavy and often delicate equipment in a cost-effective manner with the least amount of disruption to normal operations? But then, operators in these facilities also have to figure out how to […]

Mitigate Floor Damage From Heavy Loads By Using Air Casters

Protecting factory floors – especially epoxy-coated floors – from damage when moving heavy loads is easy with air casters. Read the article in Modern Machine Shop »

How can manufacturers operate more efficiently, more productively, and at a reduced cost?

Lean manufacturing relies on agility and adaptability. The ability to re-engineer, re-sequence, and re-position production lines becomes paramount to achieve and maintaining efficiency. Read more about flexible manufacturing here.

Air casters are a sensible, economical alternative to forklifts in manufacturing and other industrial facilities

Forklifts aren’t ideal in every manufacturing scenario. But what’s the alternative? Air casters are a simple and relatively inexpensive solution that can substitute for forklifts in almost every situation. Air casters yield greater material handling capacity, improved cost-efficiency, and dramatically superior flexibility. But how do they compare directly? Let’s take a closer look.

How Air Casters Can Mitigate Waste in Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is about eliminating waste in manufacturing processes. “Lean production is aimed at the elimination of waste in every area of production, including customer relations, product design, supplier networks and factory management,” says Dr. David Cochran, director of the Production System Design Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Specifically, lean manufacturing processes aim to […]

Summer newsletter

How do you choose the right load moving system from all the available options?  Read the article in the summer newsletter: How to Choose the Right Load Moving System.  Also – submit your company for the ‘Innovation Award’ before November 15, 2020.

How to Minimize Operational Costs with Flexible Industrial Material Handling Options

Material handling systems in industrial manufacturing inherently come with operational costs. But you can optimize these costs, if you know where to look. First, there’s the cost of over-handling materials. Each time you count, sort, stock, move or prepare materials for storage or shipment, you impact your margins. Second, there’s the cost of workflow bottlenecks. […]

Lean manufacturing: Using air casters to mobilize your factory floor

How can manufacturers operate more efficiently, more productively, and at reduced cost? That’s the key question behind lean manufacturing, a strategic approach to designing manufacturing systems and processes to create, as Industry Week writes, “a seamless flow of people, material and information. It’s all about effective use of time.” Through lean manufacturing techniques, manufacturers can […]

Increase Production Throughput: 9 Insights for Engineers

Need to increase your production throughput? Borrow a lesson from Henry Ford. Henry Ford once hired an efficiency expert to examine the running of his company. The expert made a favorable report, but had reservations about one employee. “It’s that man down the corridor,” he said. “Every time I go by his office, he’s just […]

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