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Summer newsletter

How do you choose the right load moving system from all the available options?  Read the article in the summer newsletter: How to Choose the Right Load Moving System.  Also – submit your company for the ‘Innovation Award’ before November 15, 2020.

How to Minimize Operational Costs with Flexible Industrial Material Handling Options

Material handling systems in industrial manufacturing inherently come with operational costs. But you can optimize these costs, if you know where to look. First, there’s the cost of over-handling materials. Each time you count, sort, stock, move or prepare materials for storage or shipment, you impact your margins. Second, there’s the cost of workflow bottlenecks. […]

Lean manufacturing: Using air casters to mobilize your factory floor

How can manufacturers operate more efficiently, more productively, and at reduced cost? That’s the key question behind lean manufacturing, a strategic approach to designing manufacturing systems and processes to create, as Industry Week writes, “a seamless flow of people, material and information. It’s all about effective use of time.” Through lean manufacturing techniques, manufacturers can […]

Increase Production Throughput: 9 Insights for Engineers

Need to increase your production throughput? Borrow a lesson from Henry Ford. Henry Ford once hired an efficiency expert to examine the running of his company. The expert made a favorable report, but had reservations about one employee. “It’s that man down the corridor,” he said. “Every time I go by his office, he’s just […]

Six Ways to Maximize Manufacturing Facility Floor Space without Expansion

Is your manufacturing facility running out of floor space? Do you lack the budget to expand? Then consider the many ways you can maximize the utilization of your floor space. First, get a handle on why you are running out of floor space. Some manufacturers face a space squeeze because of company growth. Their company […]

On-Demand Rigging: Embedded Air Bearings

If you want the ULTIMATE on-demand rigging capability, embed air bearings into your machinery. We even provide the models via an online toolkit available from AeroGo at  

Reconfiguring Your Shop? We Do That Too – On Air Casters!

Sometimes you just need to move tools, racks, and machines around to streamline work flow to be more convenient and accessible.  At AeroGo, we use our own air casters to reconfigure our shop on the fly.  One person can easily move material racks, tools, gantry cranes, etc.  It could not be easier.  See for yourself:

Fall newsletter

Innovative Load MovingSolutions–Fall Newsletter 2019 Read the newsletter here

Every Blood Donation Helps!

AeroGo employees give blood regularly.  Nicole Faull in Human Resources presented Bloodworks Northwest team member Aglung Young AeroGo’s Gold Star award today, due to her exceptional phlebotomy skills.

Satellites move on air casters

ViaSat-2, the second-generation commercial communications satellite, has been successfully providing high-capacity connectivity and broadband internet services since it went live in February 2018, eight months after its launch. Between launch and “live,” the Boeing-built satellite underwent a series of diagnostic tests as it reached its orbital path. Yet the most important positioning movements for the […]

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