Cost-effective and Flexible Transformer Transport for Vapor Phase Ovens

Air caster transporters have proven efficient and reliable for multi-ton transformer moves.

aerogo transformer transport moves vapor phase oven

AeroGo transformer transport moves 400 Ton Vapor Phase Oven.

AeroGo continues to simplify adoption of vapor phase drying (vpd) technology for the transformer industry with its specialized line of Transformer Transporters. Proven over the past several years, units in the field have successfully handled capacities over 800 tons. “The unique requirements of vapor phase furnaces, especially the high temperatures, solvent vapor, and transition into the oven, are perfectly addressed by our specialized air caster transporters,” states John Massenburg, AeroGo President. The AeroGo transporters are engineered, designed and built to accommodate requirements identified by customers over the years. Air caster transporters and air pallets have been successfully utilized in manufacturing to ergonomically and safely move transformers into test cell and drying ovens. Unlike rollers or wheeled equipment, air casters are omnidirectional and easily traverse corners and turn or spin even the heaviest transformers. Because the air casters literally float heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air, the load weight is spread out and damage to travel paths and floors is nearly non-existent. Ergonomically, the frictionless nature of air casters contributes to safe movement of even the heaviest loads.

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