Ergonomic and green alternative to traditional material handling does not damage floors

Lift and move loads of any size, shape or weight with AeroGo’s Load Module System featuring air casters. Extremely heavy, awkward, or sensitive equipment can be moved as if it is floating on air, just by inserting the low profile modules under equipment, components, tires, scaffolding, tooling, etc. The Load Module System uses standard compressed air to elevate and glide any load into position. Load Module Systems are omnidirectional and uninhibited by rails or fixed structures, they are frequently used to augment or replace traditional fixed conveyor, tow-wheels, winches, drag-line or in-floor assembly processes. Because air casters produce no friction, even the heaviest loads can be ergonomically moved by a single person without excessive pressure or force. Fingertip control systems enable instantaneous and precise load positioning. And, air casters generate zero exhaust or fumes, require near zero maintenance and do not damage floors.

Load Module Systems are manufactured in the United States and utilized by aerospace, military, clean room, rigging, tooling, heavy manufacturing, and vehicle assembly industries. AeroGo products comply with SAE AS9003:2001 and ISO9001:2000 quality standards.

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