Industrial Hovercraft Technology Moves Heavy Loads On and Offshore

SEATTLE, WA — March 23, 2016 — Industrial hovercraft technology has proven effective to move loads from one to 900 tons both on and offshore. Heavy drill rigs, cargo, equipment, valves, etc. can be moved in minutes instead of the hours or days it takes to move these items by traditional methods such as cranes, rollers or come-a-longs. The technology will be available for hands-on demonstration at booth #7546 at the Offshore Technology Conference.

For onshore applications, an oil rig transport system is integrated into the rig structure so that a single operator can move and accurately position a drill rig using a simple hand held radio remote. This system makes it possible to move a drill rig frequently and ensure accurate positioning within ¼” tolerance, regardless of height or weight of the rig.

For offshore applications, the Modular Offshore Equipment Transport System (MOETS) is used to easily transport and position valves, compressors, turbines, pumps, transformers and other heavy components on offshore oil rigs. Offshore rig companies use the MOETS System because it is lightweight and flexible to accommodate any variety of load moves. The unique, portable structural overlay system makes it possible to operate easily on the rig surface and maneuver into tight spaces. MOETS makes it possible to move heavy objects outside of a crane’s operating envelope and make the most efficient use of space.

For more information, visit AeroGo at booth #7546 at OTC or contact Paul Jakse at 206-575-3344 or email Equipment can be viewed online at

Founded in 1967, AeroGo is the world leader in providing industrial hovercraft and customized load moving solutions for heavy, awkward, or delicate loads.

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