Move Megaton Feedwater Heaters-Try It For Yourself in Booth #3613

Hands-on model available during POWERGEN 2013

PowerGen 2013

PowerGen 2013

An interactive hands-on model makes it easy to see how it is possible to move megaton components such as feedwater heaters and casks in nuclear plants in hours instead of days. The model is in the AeroGo booth #3613 in the Nuclear Power International section of POWERGEN 2013. The model showcases air caster technology which has been successfully utilized in power plants throughout the world to move 500 lbs. to 5000 tons with a significant reduction in downtime and manpower costs while realizing significant gains in safety. Visit booth #3613 to see how easily compressed air can be utilized to move megaton components.

Unlike rollers or wheeled equipment, air casters are omni-directional and take remarkably little manpower to move and maneuver—a capability of great value in tight spaces. Air casters are highly maneuverable and precise – they can thread gigantic components between columns, other pieces of equipment and valves that are typically in the move path.

Sometimes it is just impossible to crane a major component in or out of the facility. If you slide it or roll it on rollers, you can run the risk of damaging the floor, tearing the plant up, or actually having one fall through the floor. AeroGo air casters solve the floor loading issue. The load is spread out over a huge area— it’s virtually the same load as you’d put on the floor by walking across it. AeroGo air casters easily traverse corners and make u-turns or spin a load around and back it out or in. Some staggeringly heavy loads can be safely moved by a single person or a small crew.

See how easy it is to move heavy loads on air. Visit booth #3613 or website For more information on air casters and innovative load moving solutions, phone 800-426-4757 or email AeroGo products comply with ISO9001:2008 quality standards.

Founded in 1967, AeroGo, Inc. is the world leader in providing innovative load moving solutions for highly sensitive and exceptionally heavy loads using air film technology.

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