New Material Handling Option for Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry

SEATTLE, WA — September 1, 2015 — AeroGo, Inc. has introduced a high capacity stainless steel pallet with a load capacity of 31,000 lbs. (14 MT). Stainless Steel LoadRunner Moves 31,000 lbsThe state-of-the-industry load moving marvel makes it possible for a single operator move and precisely position a wide variety of components and containers typically used in pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech manufacturing.
The Stainless Steel Aero-Pallet is powered by compressed air, a clean energy source with zero emissions. The pallet was engineered to offer a much greater load capacity than available pallet jacks. The low height (<5”) and ergonomic handle with intuitive, integrated controls enhance operator visibility. Corrosion-proof and USDA approved polymer lifting pads control the transfer of forces. For more information, contact AeroGo at 206-575-3344, email or visit

Founded in 1967, AeroGo manufactures industrial hovercrafts and wheeled vehicles that move loads that are heavy, awkward or delicate, in factories. AeroGo is the world leader in providing innovative load moving solutions for highly sensitive and exceptionally heavy loads.

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