Spring Newsletter: 50th Anniversary of Apollo

Congratulations, NASA!  It’s the 50th anniversary of Apollo.  Since the beginning of the space race, air bearings have been onsite to help put man on the moon – and other out-of-this-world applications.

When the Apollo VII mission launched in October 1968, it was a groundbreakingspaceflight that immediately flew into the history books as the first mission in the Apolloprogram to carry a crew into space. During its time there, it traveled a total distance of 4.5million miles. However, moving it just a fraction of that distance – from its constructionfacility to the launch pad and up to space for its flight – was a precarious and difficultundertaking. Altogether, the Apollo program, consisting of 11 missions, cost an estimated$20 billion in 1970s currency. That would be about $100 billion today, meaning eachcomponent was unspeakably expensive.

Read all about it here.

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