June 15, 2022 – The Science of Air: Installing Modular Structures in Manufacturing Facilities
Paul Jakse, VP Sales for industrial solutions supplier AeroGo, explains how largely redundant hovercraft transport technology is being used to resolve obstacles to erecting modular structures within factories.
Apr 01, 2022 – How Air Casters Reduce Damage to Plant Floors
Damage to facility flooring is a hidden but serious risk in every manufacturing and industrial environment, but it can be mitigated. Read about it on page 22-24 »
May 03, 2022 – How Air Casters Reduce Material Handling System Damage to Plant Floors – IEN Europe
Floor condition is critical to maintaining efficiency and productivity because damaged floors can lead to surprisingly high costs. Damaged flooring places workers, productivity and assets at risk. Such damage can create safety hazards and slow down operations, thus incurring greater and more frequent maintenance costs while potentially endangering manufactured goods. Read more about how you can minimize floor damage in factories in the IEN Europe article
Feb 15, 2022 – How Air Caster Technology Develops Today’s Education and Training Centers – Total Industrial Plant Solutions
Plant Engineering features AeroGo’s article “Seven challenges of load movement systems." You can see the article online here »
Feb 01, 2022 – Seven Challenges of Load Movement Systems – Plant Engineering
Every material handling solution has unique characteristics, which underscore the challenge of finding the optimal solution.
Jan 05, 2022 – James Webb Telescope Moves on AeroGo Air Casters
Here’s a link to the video all about the James Webb Telescope. Take note of the commentary from 20:30 – 21:00 – those are AeroGo air bearings and drives!
Dec 06, 2021 – AeroGo featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
Air casters are being used in aerospace cleanrooms.
Oct 08, 2021 – AeroGo profiled in Washington Business Magazine, Fall 2021
AeroGo is a global leader in providing innovative load-moving solutions to move heavy, awkward or delicate objects. They manufacture air bearings, a technology that uses compressed air to reduce friction and make it possible to float immensely heavy objects, often called "industrial air hockey".
Sep 29, 2021 – Air Casters Turn CNC Machines Into Opportunities for Manufacturing Efficiency
Machine tools can often be prohibitively difficult to relocate after installation, becoming immoveable “monuments,” distorting facility layouts and eroding manufacturing productivity, capacity and throughput. One way to easily move CNC machines and others is by using air bearings or machine skates. Read more here!
Sep 13, 2021 – Behind this Door: Tour Two Intel Assembly Test Technology Development Factories
A “Behind this Door” video offers a peek into a small — but critical — piece of Intel’s manufacturing process: Assembly Test Technology Development (ATTD) factories. In these factories, engineers research and develop the latest testing equipment and processes before they pass them on to Intel's high-volume manufacturing factories, where tens of millions of chips are tested every day. Especially note the video between 1:15-1:36.
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